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Homeowners — by definition, the term says we all have a lot invested in our residences. Financial for sure, but much of that investment is emotional. It is pride in our family, our property, and our neighborhood. It is our refuge from work and the world. Appearance, quality, and not-so-small details are critical, because this is where we live.

At Artisan, this is why we take garage doors so seriously. We care about the look and longevity of the superior materials we use. We care about the designs that capture the architectural styles of the homes they go into. We care about the meticulous workmanship practiced by the craftsmen who fabricate, assemble, and finish your door. Since 1995, we have been defining and refining how a custom-made, carriage house style garage door is supposed to look and feel.


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Office & Showroom
1000 Harrisburg Pike
1/2 Mile South of Mound
at SE Corner of Jackson Rd. & Harrisburg Pike
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Business Hours:
Mon – Fri 8AM to 4:30PM
Saturday 8AM to 11AM

Office: 614-274-4414
Toll-free: 888-707-3667

Family Owned
Family Operated

Part of the
United Garage Door Family